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How Can Israel’s Image Be Protected?


In the News (from MIGnews): “Funding of non-governmental organizations that represent Israel in a negative light is one of the main problems in the relations between the EU and the Jewish state .

“The EU should stop funding organizations that promote peace in words, but in fact encourage war. What saddens and surprises at the same time is the fact that Israel is the only country in the region, which guarantees equal rights, tolerance, gender equality, freedom of speech, freedom of religion to those who live in the Jewish state, but no one pays attention.

“When one Palestinian is killed, the news of this appears on the front pages of leading publications, and when tens, hundreds or thousands of people die in Syria, no one even notices.”

My Comment: Why is there indignation if Israel itself causes this? Jews were allowed to return to their land, to organize their own state by its constitution: “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” according to that law upon which they came from ancient Babylon to become an independent nation.

 If they do not build a society that should show the world its future and if they do not become “light to the nations of the world,” in this, their existence as a distinct people and a state is unreasonable, and the power of nature (the Creator) will banish them from the land again, as it happened 2,000 years ago due to the unfounded hatred that arose in the people.


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