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Only A Unity Day, Part 1—Why Don’t They Like Us?


Israelis have no idea that the Jewish nation has a mission and a debt to the world. Consequently, they tend to explain the general hostility towards our nation as elementary envy.

They don’t understand what is going on; they believe that a developed state that has grown, literally, from scratch, may be the cause of the hatred of other nations. Another explanation is the religious conflicts, but this attempt is also insufficient.

In fact the world doesn’t need many reasons to hate someone. Everyone has already gotten used to the idea that the Jews are a different sort and that it is quite legitimate to hate them.

Today, Israel finds itself facing the threat of a boycott. Members of the right and the left political map blame one another for this situation, but the real reasons are much deeper than that. Tomorrow they will find new pretexts for this persecution, more or less successful, but there is no point delving into such nonsense.

The hatred people feel towards us didn’t start today or yesterday. It makes no difference what excuses there are for it; there is only one real reason for this hate, which is that we don’t bring goodness to the world.

So instead of discussing our relations with the Palestinians, I suggest a very simple solution described in the Torah and in the wisdom of Kabbalah: We have to become as one man in one heart according to the principle that all of Israel are responsible for one another. It is time to put an end to the mutual hatred between us. Let’s unite more closely so that the accusations against us will disappear. People will stop talking about them and our neighbors will even cease to wage war against us,

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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