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Revealing The Creator Inside Me


The Torah, “Exodus” (VaYakhel), 37:10, 37:17, 37:25/ 38:8, 38:9: And he made a table of acacia wood…And he made the menorah of pure gold…And he made the incense altar out of acacia wood…And he made the washstand of copper…And he made the courtyard…

Everything is very simple. The spiritual correction is done from the inner parts to the more external parts and ends in the complete unity of people in one general desire: to connect between them in order to discover the Creator among them. All this is the work of Bezalel.

The Torah describes our desires, which are revealed by the unity of the attribute that has to be revealed in us as the Creator.

In every stage we see this attribute of the Creator, the attribute of love and bestowal, the bodiless force that has no image and that fills all of creation. First it is revealed in us in the form of images that we understand until we actually reach a state in which we can perceive it beyond all these images as the one general Light. This will happen at the end of correction.

In the meantime, we discover it in certain attributes, in certain actions inside us, as if an induction is aimed at us and we perform actions of bestowal that we call the partial revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/7/13

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