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The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 4


In the future, the world will recognize the evil spirit into which it is sinking, humanity will discover that it has no means for correcting the situation, and the nations of the world will also feel in their subconscious that the people of Israel have a solution. From here is the inner drive to boycott and the desire to blame us for all of their problems.

The basis for this is latent in every person, in every people, in every organization, and in every nation. It is impossible to deceive ourselves about the illusion of the dark period that must be passed through on the way to brighter times. As it continues, it will only get worse. I have been talking already about this for many years. The world is sinking into a general crisis that encompasses education, culture, the economy, and politics, and now we are standing on the threshold of tremendous and incessant pressure from all sides. We feel ourselves as a fortress that is under siege, and our only weapon is unity.

This is possible by means of the Kabbalistic method that teaches us how to connect with each other in tens, in hundreds, in thousands, and in millions. All of the people of Israel must go through this integral or Kabbalistic study. It is not that important what we call it. At the time of our formation and coming into existence, we obligated ourselves to be as one person with one heart. If we consolidate this way between us, all the higher forces that manage us immediately will begin to soften and mollify, and we will feel changes without pause.

Let’s begin to unite in circles in the right way and then immediately in our relationships within the nation, in our relationships with our neighbors, including Hamas and the like, and in the relationships with all the nations of the world that all will begin to soften. So, it seems obvious what kind of a weapon we have in our hands. It is not deadly, but good. It brings life. It is a weapon for the struggle with our egoism, with our nature, and not with people.

So, I turn to the people of Israel. Let us accept the approaching stages with an understanding that they are designed to awaken us to the right development, to unity. If we would begin to realize it until reaching “Love your neighbor as yourself,” then immediately what has been attained between us would spread all over the world through underground connections unseen by the eye, through which we are connected with each other, and the good results of our efforts will not be late in being discovered.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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